Sarah's Stars

Sara Pennypacker. Clementine
Hyperion Books   $19.99   ISBN 0-7868-3882-5   144 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 12

Margaret pulled her lips out of the way so I could see all of her teeth.

Margaret’s mouth was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It was even more beautiful than Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which I am going to visit when I am ten. Every tooth had its own sparkly silver bracelet and there were little blue bits sprinkled around like tiny presents.

“They’re rubber bands,” Margaret said. “Every month I’ll go in and get them changed and they’ll give me different colors. Whatever I want.”

That gave me such a good idea.

I pulled off my hat to show Margaret that she wasn’t the only one, and that made her happy. Then I told her my good idea. “You can pick the color of my new hair. Whatever color you want. You can draw it on my head.” That made her even happier.

Everyone thinks that Clementine doesn’t pay attention but she does, just…not to what she’s supposed to. Through her point of view, why pay attention to math when you can pay attention to the lady in the park eating lentils with a toothbrush?

You will laugh out loud at Clementine’s hilarious (mis)adventures as she creates the first pair of bologna glasses to protect her eyes form sharp things, cuts off all her hair to make a fellow baldie feel better and as she helps her dad get rid of pesky pigeons.

Sara Pennypacker has created a quirky, enjoyable read that I found quite cute and amusing. The illustrations keep your attention without taking away from the story too much and the writing is simple and believable. I found it a rather quick read but if you’re stuck and need a good book to read, this one works well.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes books by Beverly Cleary or Anne of Green Gables. It’s recommended for ages 7-10, but I think anyone who is young at heart will enjoy this book.

This reviewer gives Clementine four hilarious stars.


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