The Cornfield's Creature
Isabel, Age 12, Atwater, CA

It started in a rather creepy and dreary town called Sculeville. In the direct center of the town there was a cornfield. And in the direct center of the cornfield there was a cute little cottage. It was painted a pail pink color. The cottage was old like the cornfield that surrounded it.

Sally and her family lived in the cottage. Sally had a sister, a mother, and a father. Her sister, Suzie, was younger than Sally by four years. Sally had just turned 14 in June. It was now July. That meant summer vacation! Her parents were out of town (as usual) so Sally was left babysitting her so-called “bundle of joy” (as usual). This wasn’t so bad. Sally got to socialize with her friends a lot without getting yelled at. She would call her two best friends, Cindy Jean and Chelsea.

One day when Sally was babysitting Suzie, she came across the daily newspaper. In big, bold letters the front page article read, “Cat/Mouse-looking Creature Attacks Sculeville Citizen.” She skimmed through the article with a look of disbelief. Sally immediately called Cindy and told her what she had just read. Cindy agreed that it was someone trying get money or a lawsuit.

Then Sally decided to go check on Suzie who was back in her room playing with her new Barbie Doll, complete with a hot pink convertible car. Sally opened the bedroom door and to Sally’s surprise, no one was in the room. She searched the house. She searched the cornfield. She searched practically everywhere. Suzie was no where in sight.

Sally immediately called her parents who didn’t answer their cell phones. So she called the local sheriff, Officer Flowerbatchery who rushed to her house to investigate. A few minutes after the sheriff arrived he got a call from his partner at the station that Sally’s parents had also disappeared and they suspected that the strange cat/mouse creature, Whiskers, had something to do with it. By 10:00pm the whole police station was searching for clues at Sally’s house.

By morning, Sally was fed up. She just had to see her family. She slowly crept through the cornfield. The tall, itchy stalks of corn rubbed against her arms. Sally was determined to get her family back and kill Whiskers. She thought she heard something move behind her so she turned around for a second and out of nowhere Whiskers jumped out and stuck his razor sharp claws out at Sally and left a large gash down the back of her neck. Sally turned back around and gave Whiskers an evil glare signaling that it was time to battle. Eyes bloodshot red, blood running down the back of her neck, Sally was furious. Finally Sally had Whiskers trapped on the ground. One sudden move and Sally would stab him right through his heart.

Whiskers knew it was the end. Then he thought of a very clever plan. He would surrender and return Sally’s family if she agreed not to kill him. Sally agreed to the deal. Sally’s family was returned unharmed and she let Whiskers go. However, she did make sure she knew where he was so that she could turn him in to the local prison. He was sentenced for 12 years in prison. They were going to give him the death penalty but Sally kept her word and told the judge not to kill him.

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