Dreamer, Dreamer
Johanna, Age 15, Baker Lake, NU

Dreamer, dreamer...
a voice calls to me,
Dreamer, Dreamer.

I wake to from my slumber,
and find myself, not as I expected in my room,
but in a world,
where unicorns flock and play,
prancing here and there,
making everything shimmer and shine with beauty.

Where Dragons,
strong and proud,
fly high in the sky,
and sing songs sooo wonderful,
they make you happy and sad at the same time.

Dreamer, Dreamer,
the unicorns speak to me,
wit joy and wonder in their
beautiful perfect round eyes,
Dreamer, Dreamer,
come and play!
We'll show you plenty
of pretty and beautiful things!

Dreamer, Dreamer,
the Dragons call to me,
Come to us and we'll
tell you the most beautiful stories,
come to us,
and we'll sing you the most wonderful songs.

Is that what they're calling me?
Is that who I am?
Am I a Dreamer?
Or am I still in bed?
Am I...?

Wake up!
A new day begins!
Dreamer! You shall dream no more!
for a Dreamer is not needed now!


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