Sarah's Stars

Jean-Jacques Greif.  The Fighter
Bloomsbury  $20.95 ISBN 1-58234-891-X  211 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Living in a time full of war and ugly-faces, Moshe thinks he has seen everything. Growing up with crippled legs, he is always teased and fussed over more than other children. The Second World War is taking its toll while Moshe finds a love for boxing. He never leaves the newfound adoration, until he is deported to Auschwitz, the deportation camp for the Jewish people. There he sees the most inhumane, and awful situations possible.

This novel is a wake up call. For example, it was as if someone had snapped his or her fingers, letting me know that the Holocaust actually happened. This book has a wonderful way of reaching out to the reader and pulling them in. It is so well written that the reader cannot deny the pain and suffering that was endured. I also find it amazing that anyone could live through that kind of torment.

This book is a great read for people thirteen years and older. I recommend it for this age group because of its cruel content, and harsh language

Five stars for THE FIGHTER; it is bound to make you think.


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