Sarah's Stars

Jane Springer. Genocide
Groundwood   $12.95   ISBN 978-0-88899-682-4   138 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

The world is full of so many pains and miseries, yet one of the worst, throughout history, is genocide. It is murder by the millions, and is against the law. It always has been, yet the law is still broken. How can human beings live in the murderous ways they do? How can we live with the knowledge that man has slaughtered thousands of innocent people?

This novel covers all historical points on genocide throughout history. It is a harsh truth that most people are unable to admit. But it is true and it did happen. Controversial and political opinions are brought up in this book, as well as answers to many questions that are asked about these pieces of history.

I would recommend this book for people fourteen years old and up. It is full of hurtful stories from the past, but includes many answers and arguments. This book would be good for someone who likes to read about facts.

Four out five stars for Springerís Groundwork Guide Genocide.


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