Sarah's Stars

Amy Timberlake. That Girl Lucy Moon
Hyperion Books  $21.99  ISBN 0-7868-5298-4  294 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

This is a fantastic story of a girl’s struggle to make sense of her life.  Lucy Moon is a very outspoken individual when it comes to world matters.  She constantly wears a hemp hat to show support for third-world workers, and anyone who asks her to remove it gets a lecture as to why she is wearing it in the first place (even teachers).

Every year Lucy’s mom goes on a photography trip, but this year as soon as she leaves things start to go down hill -literally.  The most popular hang out spot as soon as the snow flies is Wiggins Hill, the only catch, it’s owned by Miss Irene Wiggins, a very important person in the town and what she says goes.  So when two of Lucy’s fellow students get arrested for sledding, Lucy is ready to protest.  People are used to her odd petitions and protests but this time they’ve changed.  Many were avoiding her, and if they saw her were rude.  The worst part of this whole ordeal is that Lucy starts to lose self-confidence.  Will she regain her confidence in time to save Wiggins Hill?

I would recommend this book to girls between the ages of 10 and 15. That Girl Lucy Moon deserves 4 snowy stars!!! 


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