Sarah's Stars

Katherine Spencer.  Saving Grace
Harcourt $18.95  ISBN 0-15-205740-4  246 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

After losing her brother Matt in a fatal car crash over the summer, Grace Stanley can’t seem to control anything. But she can control drinking, a boyfriend and her appearance. All those choice items are her source of escape from the pain eating at her, inside and out. They are her saviors from the real world that seems to be full of fake-smiles and sympathetic glances. The question is, can things stay in tact while she is hiding within alcohol and harlequin?

This novel is truly lovely! It has so many great aspects and several ‘life-lessons’ as well. The basic plot is very much like a normal high school setting. It has everything down to the smallest detail. Even the way the main character felt about school and her friends. It all felt like it was actually happening. I enjoyed the ‘miracle’ that was hidden inside the novel, and the way everything just fell together at the end.

I would recommend this book for people ages thirteen and up. It is such a touching novel, filled with the teenage angst that is expected of a sixteen-year-old girl.

Five stars for SAVING GRACE. It will really get you thinking!


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