Sarah's Stars

Joyce Sweeney.  Headlock
Henry Holt  $22.95  ISBN 0-8050-8018-X 214 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Kyle Bailey is graduating from his final year of high school. At eighteen years of age, he begins to have a certain hunger for something better. The ‘something better’ turns out to be a school for professional wrestling. Unfortunately, he has to join in secret. He can’t tell anyone what he is doing because, as of right now, no one wants to talk to him and he can’t tell his dear old grandmother, both because she is too old-fashioned and he loves her too much to worry her like that. She would think it was impractical.

This novel is full of unexpected turns and twists. It shocked me, because I slowly began to like wrestling. Joyce Sweeney did an amazing job of creating realistic situations in my head. The characters in the story are brought to life with animated personalities. The thing I loved the most is how modern this novel is. One can tell that the author had a funny bone. Her words make the reader laugh or cry, depending on the circumstances.

I would recommend this book for people thirteen years of age and older. It is a great book that is definitely going to give the person who reads it a new outlook on paper-view.

Five out of five stars for this book. I can see this novel flying off the shelves already!


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