My Heaven
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

 In my heaven, we値l celebrate Christmas 12 times a year.
I値l have me entire family with me.
We値l set up a 50 foot tree in my grandpa痴 backyard.
On Christmas morning there will be hundreds of presents under our tree.
That night, we値l go to my grandparent痴 house and have Christmas dinner.

In my heaven, I値l have a dance recital every month.
My whole family will come and watch me.
I値l prepare all year so that the following year, I can have a recital every month.
Beautiful glittering costumes, gorgeous hair do痴, complete with a crown.
After the show, we値l have a giant party with tons of food and laughter.

In my heaven, my friends and I will have a 2 day sleepover every Friday.
Everyone will be there.
We値l rent limousines, hotels, private airplanes, even the biggest mall in the world.
Flying all over the world, shopping, eating, laughing, staying overnight in Rome.
When we get home on Saturday night, they値l all stay in my mansion, just one
more night.

In my heaven, I値l scrapbook with my mom and my friends who enjoy it.
I値l be surrounded by people who care about me.
I値l save a room in my mansion just for this, it will be stocked with supplies.
Gluing, cutting, sparkling, laughing, sharing, creating works of art.
When they leave, my mom and I will continue all night long.

In my heaven, I will live in a mansion.
My whole family is invited to stay.
I値l make up 100 guest rooms, so every one has a place to sleep.
Eating gourmet food, swimming in my pool, wearing designer clothes.
No one will ever have to leave.

In my heaven, everyone will love each other and be happy.
It will be universal.
We値l all hold hands and forget about the hate.
Love will fill our souls and everyone will be smiling,
It will be like that forever.

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