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Jill Wolfson. Home, and other Big, Fat Lies
Henry Holt $22.95  ISBN 0-8050-7670-0  224 pg.
Reviewed By Chelaine, Age 12

I climbed like a maaaniac with four As. One branch, then another. This was the highest I'd ever been in my life, higher than any roof of any foster home, higher even than the transmission tower. It was as if all my other climbing had been preparing me for this. I needed to get to the very top, needed to know what the air smelled like up there, how far I could see, if I could see to the edge of the world.

Jill Wolfson wrote Home, And Other Big Fat Lies. She does a wonderful job of creating a vivid picture in your mind; it is very easy to imagine in your head what is going on.
This story is mainly about how a girl named Whitney (she calls herself Termite) is sent to her 12th foster home. At first she thinks that this foster house is going to be the same as all of the others, but boy is she wrong!  In all of her other foster homes, it ended up that either the family ended up getting very frustrated and got her social worker to take her away, or she, herself, gets upset and runs away.
However, in this foster home she encounters many strange people, and animals. Her foster dad, Lyman McCrary, is a man who suffers from very severe depression; he walks around in the house in his underwear and a bathrobe. No one really knows why he suffers from it, but it really adds to the story. As for animals, Whitney ends up meeting a dog named Babe. Although Babe is not what she calls her. Right from the beginning, the dog is known as "Sickmub". Apparently "Sickmub" is short for Sick-Eye-Crazy-Killer-Maniac-Ugly-Beast.
All in all, I would rate Home, and Other Big Fat Lies with 4 stars. Although this book is slow in some parts, at other times it is great. I think this book would be best suited for children ages 10 and up.


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