Life at the Sea
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

Mia stood staring silently at the dark waves crashing fiercely against the rocky bay. Her mother sat on a rock nearby, trying to crack open a crab, smashing it against the seaweedy slimy sharp rocks.

"Mia" said her mother, finally opening the crab "Food, dear"

Mia gave a little nod and sat beside her mother.

"Where's Kyle?" she asked as she began eating her bit of crab.

"I think he's looking for fish. Go tell him we already have food"

Still chomping crab, Mia stood up, her bare feet sliding on the slippery seaweed. She walked down to the cold beach and looked for her brother. After walking along the grey sand, she found him, lifting a few stones and pulling things from underneath.  Mia sat next to him and watched her brother hold a crab between his forefinger and thumb. Kyle gave a grin, his dark fringe falling over his emerald eyes.

"Mother has food" said Mia.

"Oh" the boy gave a sigh and let go of the crab, that ran for his life, scuttering away. As they walked towards the rocks, Mia asked a question that had been bugging her for the last few weeks:

"Since when do we live here, Kyle? Why do we live in a cave right next to the sea, and why donīt we go to school?"

"Mum home-school's us" said Kyle simply. Mia bit her lip.

 "I don't want to be home schooled! I want to be normal, like the girls that I see in the street. They walk in little bunches and laugh a lot and have mobile phones and go to school and wear normal clothes."

"We live here" began Kyle "Because a long long time ago, we had a father. He worked at sea and every night he came back home. Then you were only a baby, and we lived in a proper house. But one day our father didn't come back. So after a few weeks of waiting mother couldn't pay the house and my school so she came to live here, waiting for father..."

As we reached the rocks, Mia realised she loved her brother very much.

"You'll never go away, will you, Kyle?" she whispered.

Kyle smiled and ruffled her blonde hair.

"Never, kiddo."

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