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Bryan Davis.  Raising Dragons
Living Ink Books  $20.00  ISBN 0-89957-170-0  400 pg.
Reviewed by Mitchell, Age 16

Raising Dragons, by Bryan Davis, is the first in a series of four fictional novels set in present times.

Billy and Bonnie, two ‘gifted’ children, are the main characters in this epic novel. Billy doesn’t understand why he’s so different from everyone else. Then, after Billy’s breath sets off a fire alarm at school, his dad confesses to being a dragon.

Can Billy forgive his dad for not telling him the truth after all these years? What about the mysterious new girl in school? And why does their strange principal seem so overly interested in them?

I would give Raising Dragons 4.5 out of 5 stars. Although the first few chapters started somewhat slow, it kept me interested all the way throughout this 400-page book, and I cared about the character’s problems more than my own. I recommend this book for any fantasy loving person over 12 years of age.


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