Sarah's Stars

Hazel Hutchins. Sarah and the Magic Science Project
Annick Press  $9.95  ISBN 1-55037-930-5  152 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

"I think she did it by mass hypnosis," said Ben at last as they rounded the corner onto their street.

Sarah looked at Ben and frowned.

"Either that or she used mirrors," said Ben.

Sarah frowned even harder.

"In any case," said Ben "I think we should both keep out of Derek’s way for about two years, just in case he thinks we had something to do with it."

"Something to do with what?" asked Sarah

"You know,” said Ben "It."

"It what?" asked Sarah.

Ben looked over his shoulder to make sure no one could hear them. "Derek being turned into a frog!"

Derek’s been turned into a frog, and the nice lady at the corner store did it. When Sarah finds out about these strange happenings she decides to make it personal. Will Sarah be able to turn this information into the best science project ever?

Hazel Hutchins is very inventive in creating this great book Sarah and the Magic Science Project. Truth be told, it took me a while to finally take this book serious enough to start reading it, without getting sidetracked. In the end, it was a very good book.

I rate Sarah and the Magic Science Project 4 out of 5 magical frogs and would give this book to any would-be-sorcerers 7 and up!


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