Should We Stop Senseless Testing?
Melissa, Age 12, Easton, CT

Should we stop senseless testing on innocent animals? Animals are outdoor creatures that are born to live free and be out in the wild. They arenít meant for being testers for new make-up products or new medications. Animal testing needs to stop now!

Animals should not be put through life threatening tests just to see if red lipstick looks good on people with pale or dark skin. Even though women like to get fancy and wear all this expensive make-up itís not worth putting these animalís lives at risk. Testing things like make-up on animals is just... senseless!

When scientists come up with new medications it gets tested on another animal. Some of these medications are very harmful to these animals and can cause cancer, heart disease, blindness, and obesity.  Although scientists try to make the experiment painless, often times it winds up having the complete opposite affect. It is sad that these scientists are to busy harming the animals for our health instead of caring for their health as well.

Each year fifteen million animals are used in the experiments for new products. The scientists have used many animals such as mice, rats, birds, even cats and dogs just like our everyday house hold pets.

The laboratory that the animals live in is cold, sterile, and scary and is very uncomfortable. They either stay in metal cages or tiny plastic shoe boxes with breathing holes. Instead of being out in the open running wild and free they are locked up in tight spaces.

Animals are not meant to be punished like this they are meant to have fun and interact with each other. They are also meant to be out in the open and not meant to be confined. We are harming these animals that in fact donít harm us. I mean they donít hunt us down and lock us up and test new dog or hamster food on us. But yet we test what we WANT on these animals. These poor animals are suffering for us just because we either want to look good or find different medications to cure a cold or flu.

In conclusion animal testing is a very harmful and unfair thing to do to animals.

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