Sarah's Stars

Lesley Choyce. Smoke and Mirrors
Dundurn  $12.99  ISBN 1-55002-534-1  218 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 13

Simon has always been tagged as a weird kid by society, with his fascination for the supernatural and his over-active creativity. But he got even weirder after the skateboard accident. Doctors said it couldnít be fixed, and they would just have to deal with the brain damage. But everything changes when he meets Andrea, who only he can see. Neither know why she is there, but they believe it is to help Simon. But who is this mysterious girl? What is the truth behind the many secrets in his life?

Lesley Choyce is an amazing author, with over 60 books. He has written books such as Deconstructing Dylan and Shoulder in the Sky, two young adult books. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I could not stay away from Smoke and Mirrors. Literally. It took me two days to read it; it was one of the best books I have ever read. So many secrets that start to reveal as new ones bloom and the mystery continues. There is a message within this deep, surprising, sometimes sad, yet sometimes you canít help but smile book. This is truly a great piece of fiction.

This reviewer gives Smoke and Mirrors 5 mysterious stars.


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