Some Days
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Some days are just so lonely
Waiting by the phone
Or just sitting at the computer
Hoping to talk with someone, anyone.
All that's heard is the
Thump, thump, thump,
Of my heart beat, and
Slow, even breathing.

Some days are just so crowded
Too many voices being uttered
Concentration on anything is impossible
No thoughts can be heard.
So much people makes me feel so alone
Everybody talking, laughing,
I don't know what about.
No one notices me slip away.

Some days are just so wonderful
I never want them to end
But they pass by so quickly
Until I realize it was all so long ago.
They make life worth it and yet
They seem to hardly be anything
As they slip silently away
All of the sudden they're gone.

Some days tears just fall so fast
Darkness surrounds everything
Sorrow is just everywhere
And I just can't escape the Truth.
Voices will shout so loud in my head
I'll collapse to the floor full of dread
I'm forced to cope until it's all over,
But it's so hard.

Some days it's just like any other day
Full of the good and the bad
I'll go to school, see my friends,
Come home do all my work.
Look back at what has passed
And I'll know that every day is different.
All I need to do is live to see tomorrow.
What will tomorrow bring?

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