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Christopher Dinsdale. Stolen Away
Napoleon Publishing $10.95  ISBN 1-894917-20-0  240 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 12

Stolen Away begins with a young Irish girl named Keira lingering in memories of her homeland. The girl was kidnapped from her family and sold as a slave to Vikings. Her village is kind but her life is obviously not as valuable as others. When the men of the village go on a sailing journey to scout out more land in the hopes of escaping the hostile Skraeling warriors, Keira is thrown overboard and after nearly drowning is rescued by a Beothuk warrior. Slowly, Keira heals and begins to fit in with the Beothuk people, but she still longs for her home in Ireland and family. Will she choose to go back to the Vikings as a slave, to sail to Ireland, or will she stay with her new family?

I thought Stolen Away was an excellent book. It had just enough action to keep you interested and a touch of history to make you want to learn more. I certainly enjoyed it. The little piece of Canadian history intrigued me. Dinsdale has crafted an excellent work of art and excitement. I thought the ending was a tad bittersweet but the encounters with Thule warriors and caribou were fun and suspenseful.

I give Stolen Away five stars.


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