The Success of the Burglar
Stephen, Age 9, Milwaukee, WI

A doctor went to an amusement park that was still being built.  He was walking down the midway and suddenly fell in a deep hole.  He found a great deal of money.  He wanted to calm down, but he just could not.  After six hours, he finally calmed down.  He also found a rope and tied it on a root that was sticking out of the ground.  He pulled himself up and went home.

Then he borrowed a street sweeper.  Then he sucked all of the money up and bought all of the things he wanted.  He became very famous, because he was rich.  The police tracked him down because they had two pictures of him.  The police looked at his ID.  They found that before he was a very famous and good burglar.  Then the police told the news to tell everyone he was a burglar and that he had got caught and put into jail.

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