Sarah's Stars

Deborah Ellis.  I Am A Taxi
Groundwood $9.95  ISBN 0-88899-808-2  205 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Diego is only twelve years old, and he already has many hardships to deal with. He lives in San Sebastián Women’s Prison, with his mother and three-year-old sister. Things seem to be getting worse and worse… There is hardly any money for food now, and it is his fault.

Until, his best friend Armando comes with news that promises them both a lifetimes worth of luxury and cash. All they have to do is, run away and work for two weeks…No shorter, no longer. What harm can hard work do?

This story has very enjoyable characters. The setting in the story is interesting and the plot always seems to be offering another piece of educational information. The shocking twists are amazingly effective. I would have to say that the most intriguing part in the novel is the people. They all have creative personalities and characters.

I would recommend this novel for people ages twelve years and older. It has some swearing or small profanities.  I can’t wait to see this book out in stores.

I give I Am a Taxi five stars, for all its unexpected turns!


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