Tears I Cry
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

The tears I cry
Burden my cheeks
Like an extra passenger on a bus

The tears I cry
Release the pain I feel
Like water boiling over the top of a pot
Everythingís okay now

The tears I cry
Symbolize the sadness and anger
That slashes my insides
So carelessly

The tears I cry
Are of no value
Except mocking me in my own self pity
My own failure suddenly coming to focus

The tears I cry
Truthfully admit
Iím just another human
Iím not a robot
I canít defeat

The tears I cry
Tell me Iím still alive and Iím still feeling
Sometimes I act as if Iím on
Novocain and I cannot feel and I do not care
But I do

Everyone needs to have a good cry
Donít hold it in longer than you should
Like leaving something in the oven too long
It just doesnít make for something nice

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