The Valentine's Card
Sabrina, Age 12, Merced, CA

Author's Note:
The Valentine’s Card is a sequel to The Old Victorian House from the November 2006 issue, and The Christmas Story from the December 2006 issue.

Kendra was making Valentine Cards for all her friends. Including the ghostly friend that lived in her house. She was sitting on her desk cutting heart-shaped cards  when she heard small footsteps entering her room.

Without turning around Kendra called out, “Please knock before entering.”

“Do I really need to knock? This was my room and still is my room too. Did you know I have a two-way vision? I see my old furniture before I died and yours too.” said a voice.

Kendra turned around and saw Eva, her friend that died in the early 1900’s while she was babysitting her little brother. A burglar came in and killed them both. Kendra and Eva met in October 2006 up in the attic when Kendra was snooping around looking at old clippings about Eva’s murder.

Kendra noticed that Eva wasn’t wearing her usual pink, riffled, old Victorian dress. She was wearing a red, puffy dress, with white lacy edges.

“I like your new clothing.” Kendra said as she examined Eva from top to bottom.

“Thanks. I used to design clothing line before I died.” She looked down at her dress. “Anyways, thank you, but you still haven’t answered my question. Do I really need to knock?” Eva asked politely.


“Hmp….I don’t think so for long. I died in this room. Right over there.” Eva pointed to a corner where Kendra’s pillow laid on her bed.

“Right…like I am going to believe that lie.” Kendra replied continuing her work.

“Look!!!” Eva shouted. Automatically, Kendra looked to the corner. She saw Eva’s body, bloody and beheaded. Her pink, ruffled Victorian dress was not nice and glittery, but bloody and looked dark red instead of pink. Over to the other corner, Kendra saw Eva’s  baby brother. Not a nice sight.

“Ewww!! Why did you show me that?!!” Kendra exclaimed hurriedly looking away, covering her face into her hands.

“Just showing you the past. And to make my point. Sorry about that.” Eva replied. “I had a hard murder that I wanted to show you, and if you thought that was hard, you  don’t want to see my baby brother.”

“Why did your murderer kill you?”

“He was a teenager. Drunk and heartbroken.” Eva replied looking down sadly. “My  older sister dumped him because he treated me and my brother bad. He hated us for  that.”

“Is your older sister still alive?” Kendra asked into the story.

“Yes. I visit her everyday, but she doesn’t know I am there.”

“Why don’t you show you to her?”

“I just can't.”

“What’s her name?” Kendra asked.



Kendra finished her cutting and coloring her heart-shaped cards. She was attaching a heart-shaped piece of chocolate to her cards when she got an instant  message. Kendra was on AIM Instant Messenger as she was always. It was an IM from her friend Bridget.

BabyBridget23: Hey Kendra! What’s up?
Kendra Kouture31: Nothing much just putting my Valentine stuff together.
BabyBridget23: Valentine stuff!! Are you kidding?!! Valentine’s Day is 13 days away!
Kendra Kouture31: Well this year it is coming real fast!
BabyBridget23: OOkkkkk……whatever.
Kendra Kouture31: Cya! g2g

Kendra saw Eva appear on her bed with one of Kendra’s Valentine Cards.

“Hey! You are not supposed to see those!!” Kendra exclaimed jogging over to Eva  snatching it out of her hand.

“Those are pretty good.” Eva said sitting up.

“Jennifer, Eva, Bridget…, Holly, Kristen…, Lauren…,Sarah…., Michelle,…Olivia,  Becca…” Kendra murmured sorting her Valentine cards.

“Helloooo!!” Eva shouted.

“Oh sorry.” Kendra replied but once she did, the two girls heard a car drive up, and both ran to Kendra’s window. They saw a man come out of the car all dressed in  black. He went to the trunk and carried a body all wrapped up. He dug a hole in the yard, set the body in the hole, and drove off.

“What was that about?” Kendra exclaimed.

“Th..Tha…Thatts….That’s Peyton. I think she died from her disease. And I think the guy that buried her was her son.” Eva said starting to cry.


It was Valentine’s Day and everyone was handing out cards and such.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Eva shouted to Kendra.

“Ditto.” Kendra handed her a card. Kendra’s mom and dad were having a Valentine’s party with all their family, friends, and co-workers. They let Kendra invite 3 friends over.

Kendra called up her 3 best friends in the world.

“Hi is Bridget there?”

“May I ask who is calling?” a voice said on the other end.


“Ohhh!! Kendra!! Sure she is right here!”


“Hey Bridget! It’s Kendra. Have any plans today?”

“Hey. Nope I don’t think so.” Bridget replied.

“You wanna come over? My family is having a Valentine’s party.”

“Sure! Let me ask my mom.” Bridget replied. “Hold on.” Bridget covered the phone and Kendra heard a faint yell of Bridget calling to her mom. “Mom!! Mom!! MOM!!!! [yes?] Can I go Kendra’s? Her family is having a Valentine’s party. [Sure. Just be home by 9! Let me drive you. And I’ll pick you up too.]”

Kendra snickered. She three-wayed her other  best friend Jennifer. Jennifer three-wayed Kristen.

“So you all could come?” Kendra asked.

“Yep.” They said in unison.



“My friends are here!!” Kendra exclaimed running towards the door.

“Hey we are all here!! Jennifer and Kristen’s mom couldn’t drive them so my mom said she would take them.” explained Bridget.

“Great! Let’s go in my room!” The girls walked to Kendra’s room. As the girls entered, Eva appeared. She sat on Kendra’s bed.

“Eva! What are you doing here?” Kendra said. She thought only she could see her.

“Who’s that?!” Kristen asked.

“Ohh…this is a gho-.” Kendra got cut off.

“HI! I’m Eva. I live next-door to Kendra.”

“Oh. Hi.” Jennifer said. She shook Eva’s hand.

Kendra took her cards and handed them to the four of them. The girls played cards and ate. Then Kendra got an idea. She decided to play a thing like “Secret Santa”
except “Secret Valentine’s Buddy”. Kendra got some paper slips and put them in a hat.  They each said a name on it.

“Here are the rules. No peeking inside the hat. Take ONE slip out. Don’t show it to  ANYONE. Then I will get my mom or dad to take us to Target. You will buy the person that you picked out a Valentine’s gift. Now…I will pick first.” Kendra said as she reached into the hat.

“I’ll go next.” Bridget replied. Then Kristen. Then Eva. Then Jennifer.

“We don’t have any money.” Eva pointed out.

“Uhhhh…I’ll talk to my dad. My dad is a fun dad.”


The girls got into the SUV and Kendra’s dad drove off to Target. Kendra’s dad gave them each $10.

“Once you paid for your item, ask the lady to wrap it. No cheating! You girls have 10 minutes. Go!” Kendra’s Dad told them. The girls ran off and came back in 8 minutes.  They drove back to Kendra’s house.

“I’ll go first. I got Jennifer. Here’s your gift.” Kendra said. “But don’t open it yet. Let's all open it once we get our gifts.”

“I got Eva.” Bridget said.

“I have Kendra.” Kristen said.

“I got Bridget.” Jennifer said.

“And I got Kristen.” Eva said.

“Ok. Now that is done. OPEN!!” Kendra exclaimed. The girls ripped off the  wrapping paper. Everyone was happy. Bridget’s mom came back at 9:30.

“That was the best Valentine’s Day ever!” They said in unison.

“I love your dress Eva.” Kristen, Bridget, and Jennifer said.

“We are all going to the movies next weekend. Want to come?” Bridget asked. Eva  looked at Kendra. She smiled.

“Sure.” Eva said happily. “I finally made some friends.” Eva murmured. Kendra made a face, but nobody saw her. Kendra thought, 'yeah, nobody saw me  because they are all looking at Eva! They don’t know she’s a ghost from the 1900’s! They will soon though.'

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