Sarah's Stars

Mark Ellis. Words
Oolichan Books  $19.95  ISBN 0-88982-227-1  40 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

A child has difficulty reading because she says the words dance.  The other kids in the room either laugh or ignore her, but when she gets frustrated, a librarian asks if she would like help to make the words stand still.  The girl agrees to try and together they make the words on the paper stand still. But, will she ever be able to make the words dance again?

This bookís storyline was interesting but for me, the style of writing didnít quite bring the story to life, as the authorís work did not fulfill the potential of the storyline.  Mark Ellis could have turned it into a more enthralling story by developing the characters and providing a more complete conclusion.  Ruth Campbellís illustrations fit with what was being said and provided the detail, which the words lacked. The placement of the words on the page was not as creative as some picture books, and I was unsure of what expression the author wanted to convey.

The book was a quick read and because the author didnít provide a lot of detail or pull me into the story, I rate Words 2 standing still stars.


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