The Love of Two -- A Ballad
Josh, Age 14, San Diego, CA

There once was a peasant down and blue,
She was the healthy age of twenty-two.
She needed money for a decent meal,
So that’s when she decided to steal.

She wasn’t sneaky, the owner caught her,
That’s when the guards came to her to slaughter.
The prince came forward to save her and said,
“I wish no fight, so no blood will be shed.”

They got into a fight and attacked him,
The fight was hard because the light was dim.
These guards had no honor fighting there lord,
Prince Ronald killed the guards with his sword.

The girl was knocked out, it was a blur.
He helped her up, she said, “Thank you, kind sir.”
Claudia is the peasant girl’s name.
For all the trouble Ronald took the blame.

When both their eyes met, they fell in love,
But the king would put her in heavens above.
Then they decided to run away,
His coronation he would delay.

When Prince Ronald the king found about,
He sent his men into the woods to scout.
An arrow to kill the girl they must,
Inside her body the steel would rust.

Claudia and Ronald were in the wood,
On the dirt a giant, hairy bear stood.
When they spotted the bear, Ronald said, “Run!”
Prince Ronald’s orders Claudia had done.

The grizzly bear had enormous claws,
Ronald also spotted his mighty big jaws.
The bear used his claws to swipe at his face.
Then Prince Ronald took out his spiky mace.

In the stomach is where the mace pounded,
The bear looked at Ronald confounded.
The grizzly bear Ronald did condemn.
He didn’t know the scouts were following them.

So the men stopped to take a very long rest.
Hoping to catch them and fulfill their quest.
The scouts saw Claudia on the grass,
That’s when they decided to kill the lass.

Prince Ronald saw the men up ahead,
He dove in front and got shot instead.
The outcome was very unexpected,
To see their prince lying on the ground dead.

The pain no more Claudia could bear.
She took a knife and held it with care.
She took the dirk and swung it up high,
Then stabbed herself and said goodbye.

They took the bodies, Ronald and peasant.
The day was gruesome and was not pleasant.
They got to the castle and dug his grave,
Tears throughout the town the people gave.

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