Kristine, Age 12, Easton, CT

There are many reasons why I like ballet. I like it because it is good for your body and helps you keep in shape. Also because I like wearing the outfits, they are really cute! Lastly, I like it because it is fun and all the girls in my class are really nice!

Ballet is excellent exercise for your body. I also have jazz for an hour before ballet, so it is even better for me. Even though ballet is a very graceful type of dance, it is still good exercise. Ballet is good for your body because there is a lot of steps and jumping involved in it. You also have to be very balanced to do posses, pirouettes, susus, and a lot of other things. Itís also good because you learn balance because you have to be completely straight so you donít fall over. My teacher says that you should feel like there is a pole in your body so that you are completely balanced. Also ballet is good for you mentally, it gives you more focus, you get focus by having to be balanced and balancing takes a lot of focus. Therefore, ballet is good for your body and takes focus.

In ballet, I also like our outfit. We have to wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and a black leotard. My leotard has tank top straps and crossed straps in the back. Some of the girls in my class wear small ballet sweaters over their leotards. If you want to you can wear legwarmers or shorts over your leotard. You have to wear your hair in either a ponytail or a bun. The outfits for ballet are cute and I really like them!!

Lastly, I like ballet because itís FUN! All the girls in my class are really nice and funny (especially Lizzie). They are Leah, Ali, Lizzie, Madeline, Leannah, Jackie, and Ďlittleí Lea. Also my teacher Miss Kristen, is really nice and a really good dancer. She is so good because she used to dance with a professional dancer at a professional studio. It's fun because I get to learn new steps and different combinations. Some of the steps I have learned are susu, which is when you put your feet in fifth position push up onto point and balance. I also learned how to do a changma, what you do is put your feet in fifth position, plie, jump and switch your feet in the air and land in fifth with the other foot in front. Overall, ballet is really exciting and fun.

In conclusion, ballet is, to me. The outfits are really cute. And, lastly, itís a really good work out for your body. Ballet is one of my favorite activities, because of this and much, much more!!

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