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Frieda Wishinsky.  Beware, Pirates!
Maple Tree Press  $6.95  ISBN 978-1-897066-80-5  83 pg.
Reviewed by Michelle, Age 11

Rub the leaf
Three times fast.
Soon youíll fly
To the past.

Frieda Wishinsky succeeds in transporting the reader back in time with her new Canadian Flyer Adventures series. This historical fiction series is about two children who discover the magic of an old red sled.

Their first adventure in Beware, Pirates! begins when Emily and Matt find themselves traveling back in time. Soon they are on a mission to help their friend, Minik, save his friend from the pirateís ship. But will they succeed? Will the magic sled be able to take them home to the future? Or are they trapped in the past forever?

The second book (ISBN 978-1-897066-82-9) in the series is called Danger, Dinosaurs!  Again the two travel into the past to a time when the dinosaurs were around. Mattís excited about this journey; a chance to see all different types of dinosaurs, but Emily thinks they should sit this one out. The friends meet many different kinds of dinosaurs: meat-eaters and plant-eaters. Emily thinks that dinosaurs arenít so bad after they meet plant-eating Peep and his mother. She soon changes her mind when they are chased by a T-rex. Emily demands they go back to the future, but when Matt and Emily sit on the sled nothing happens. The adventure must not be over. Or has the sled run out of magic for good?

I really enjoyed both books because I learned lots and they were fun to read. I learned about pirates, the Inuit and dinosaurs. The author made the characters funny and determined. I found that I didnít quite like the second one quite as much because it lacked the adventure of the first. The series is suitable for ages 7 to 9 because the books are short and easy to read.

This reviewer gives the new historical time travel adventure series 5 magical stars.


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