Sarah's Stars

Veronika Martenova Charles. The Birdman
Tundra Books  $22.99  ISBN 0-88776-740-0  32 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Noor Nobi lives in the hustling and bustling town of Calcutta. He works a steady job; a tailor sewing baby clothes. However, following a terrible accident, he is heart-broken. In order to survive the grief that is building inside him, he buys a bird. Dozens, then hundreds of birds. Setting each free from their iron cages.

A very interesting story, but devastating when I found out that this book was based on a true story. The feeling of loss in the storyline, and the pictures accent the emotions very well. The colours, the bold lines and the patterns captured my interest, covering every inch of the page. The designs creative, giving the whole book that feeling of India.

I would recommend this book for children of all ages, but older readers will enjoy The Birdman as well. A picture book worth reading!

This reviewer gives The Birdman five healing stars.


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