Sarah's Stars

Penny Chamberlain. Chasing The Moon
Sono Nis Press  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-55039-157-2  256 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 12

Kit ducked her head, and even though it was freezing cold, a sweat broke out on her forehead. The engine strained to a screaming pitch and the boat surged forward. No running lights and madly careering into pitch black.

Two more shots.

Kit squeezed her eyes tightly closed and prayed.

Penny Chamberlain wrote Chasing The Moon. This author does a wonderful job, writing a story that seems impossible to put down. This novel is packed with action and adventure that keeps your mind and imagination whirling. She is also the author of The Olden Days Locket.
Chasing The Moon is about a girl named Kit, who is sent to live with her father; her mother has tuberculosis and must stay in the hospital. Soon after Kit arrives at her fatherís, she becomes suspicious of his night fishing stories. There are too many holes in his story, so Kit sets out to find the truth, no matter how dangerous it might be.
I would give Chasing The Moon 4 stars, and would recommend this book to readers between the ages of 10 and 14 years.


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