Don't Want to Cry
Katherine, Age 14, Reston, VA

Watch me looking out at the rain
Thinking no, I can't be broken again
Surrounded by all of the pain
I don't want my face to have a tear stain.
I don't want my tears falling down my face
I don't want my fears; don't want to give a trace
That I even have them.
So that is why I lie
I don't want my tears falling from the sky
Just like the rain.
All of this pain that I feel
I want you to think it doesn't exist;
It isn't real.
But still it is there
Even when I pretend that I don't care.
I just want to see you smile;
Forget about your worries for awhile.
Forget about my pain
Forget about the rain
And how it reminds you of these tears of mine
Forget it; I'll be fine...
But I don't want to cry
So don't make me cry
Don't ask me why I look so sad.
Just leave me be
Can't you see
What it does to me?
Every time you speak
It feels like I can't breathe,
Like I'll never be free!
Feels like I'm going to cry
But I want to fly
I don't want to cry
I would rather die...
This I cried out to you
As a tear trickled down my cheek.

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