The Day It Rained Candy
Andrew, Age 9, Portland, OR

Have you ever heard of the idiom "it's raining cats and dog"? Well, it happened. My mom told me the good news. The cats and dogs were shaped like piñatas and exploded all over the place. It was crazy! Candy was blanketing the land because it was also raining fruit roll-ups. It was candy three meals a day.

Candy spewed out everywhere! Wood turned into chocolate, Skittles were in rainbows, and water was fruit punch. Dentists were getting richer. Kids were getting unhealthier and got cavities, candy companies were going bankrupt - it was bad! To make it worse, kids' teeth were as black as night because they didn't brush and worst of all they got so hyper they started smoking and gambling!

Somehow adults proved that the candy was healthy. They would never have to prepare dinner again but kids got so many cavities that the dentist’s office was pouring with kids. Some even had dentures. My teeth hurt as I watched them. The candy was still pouring but somehow my teeth hurt more and more as I walked into the dentist’s office.

When I got there he gestured to a seat in the middle of the room. He had fangs and hornlike hair. I spotted a machine filled with sugar. I heard a beep and my mouth started twitching by its self “WRONG BUTTON AGAIN!!!!!” the dentist hollered. I quickly bolted to the machine and felt a fake tooth. The fake tooth was loaded with sugar. I snapped my cell phone open and dialed 9-1-1 the police came but they had too much candy and fainted so I arrested the dentist myself.

Down in the courtroom the jury yelled. “The dentist is guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.” He was sentenced to eating candy three meals a day for the rest of his life. Then it started raining wolves and tigers.... but that’s a different story.

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