The Death Party
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

It didn't make any sense. What was the good thing about it? Nothing really. But I couldn't go back, I couldn't run away. Or could I?

No, not now, I realised. It is too late. Or is it not?

I looked around; all I could see were queues of hungry-looking kids and teenagers, waiting. For what?

I found myself waiting as well, with a scrawny sixteen year old before me. His face was exploding with pimples and he had a tired look on his big droopy eyes, and an expression of savage thirst. I saw the old man with a dishwater blond beard hand him a fistful of small blue pills. The boy grunted 'Ta, guv' and rested a roll of notes in the man's grey hand. Then he walked away.

I gulped with fear. It was my turn now. But what was I doing here?

Too late. The man gave me a handful of pills that nearly slipped out of my hand, and asked for his money. Holding the pills tightly, I automatically stuffed my free hand into my pocket and pulled out a few bank notes. The old man grabbed them quickly and left them in a box on the floor. I noticed that the box was full of money and as I walked away I thought bitterly in all I could do with that money I had just handed him... I could buy my brother Sam a new wheel-chair, or get myself a new computer, or buy Mum a nice dress...

'Heyyy, hi Mickey!!' shouted someone. I turned around, still holding the blue pills in my right hand.

'Oh, hi Martha' I said.' What are you doing here, love? Weren't you grounded?' I asked.

Martha shrugged. There was something different about her but I didn't quite know what...

'You got yourself some Z-Stars??' she pointed greedily at the pills in my hand. 'Oh, gimme, gimme!!!'

She snatched a couple of pills and crushed them in her hand. Then she lowered her head and inhaled the blue stuff through her nose.

'Ah!'she yelled triumphantly 'Gimme more!!!'

'No, Martha!'I shouted. She stared at me, her bloodshot eyes glinting.

'Why?' she asked testily.

'I... um... Get some for yourself! These are mine!' I said.

'Really?' Martha giggled. 'And why haven't you started sniffing them yet?'

'I... I... Okay' I mumbled. I chose a pill from my right hand and held it. Then I squashed it between my index and thumb and took a deep breath...

'THE FUZZ!!!' screamed a girl. All the guys at the rave party ran and the music stopped beating. The old man with a beard shouted and packed his things. Everyone tried to escape but about eleven policemen were already inside the club. One of them was walking towards Martha, but she yelled 'NO!' and grabbed a nearby chair. She began to hit him, and I suddenly felt sick.

All I could hear was screaming, glass breaking, police car sirens ringing... Then something hit my on the head and I was knocked out.

                                               * * *

I was flying... Flying like a bird in the sky... I felt ever so free...

When I woke up, I found myself in hospital. I was surrounded by nurses, doctors and family.

'MUM!!!' I croaked happily 'AND SAM!!! Wow, I've missed you guys so much it's great to see you!'

Mum smiled and hugged me and my little bro filled me with kisses (yuk-yuk-yuk!). I was ever so happy.

'What happened?' I asked confused. Mum looked at me, suddenly angry.

'That's what I'd like to ask you, young man!' she snapped 'What are you doing, clubbing? At a party? With drugs???'


A doctor with black skin, a friendly smile and glasses said: 'The tests have been finished... They say that you have not consumed drugs. By tomorrow you can go back home.'

'Luckily for you...' sighed Mum. 'Some of your friends are in coma... Even your girlfriend.'

'Martha!!' I said. Mum patted my shoulder. 'Just rest, Michael... Have a nice sleep...'
                                                  * * *            

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