Sarah's Stars

Lisi Harrison. Dial L for Loser
Little, Brown and Company  $12.99  ISBN 0-316-11504-5  268 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 13

Goodbye Westchester, Hello Hollywood!

The Pretty Committee is back with the sixth instalment of the clique series, and they’re crazier than ever!

Massie and Claire receive a call from their best friend, Dylan, revealing to them the most exciting thing to happen since being expelled from OCD private school. They were invited to go backstage on Dylan’s mother’s talk show, The Daily Grind, to meet none other than the famous movie stars Abby Boyd and Hadley Durk!! With a strange turn of events, Claire finds herself out in Hollywood reciting lines for her starring role in the new movie “Dial L for Loser”.

This book is an amazing addition to the Clique series, and is arguably the best book yet! I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up, because of the relation between the ages and the actions of the main characters. My favourite part about this book would most definitely have to be all of the twists within. Just when I thought I knew how the story was going to end, another obstacle appeared unexpectedly.

Wow, what a read! I give Dial L for Loser 5 brilliant stars!


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