Caitlin, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Every body has a face.
It’s what distinguishes us from the next guy.

Humans are distinguishable because of their faces.
Not they’re personalities.

Some faces are nice to look at, but who says they’re pretty? Fashion magazines?
Some faces are not nice to look at, but who says they’re ugly? Populars?

Some gorgeous people have negative attitudes and terrible personalities.
They’re popular! People love them, yet, they’re spiteful and mean.

Because of their face.

My face haunts me.
Every time I catch my reflection in a car window it screams at me.

“What are you looking at?”
It says back at me.

I look down and study my shoes, which I now know like the back of my hand.
“Nothing,” I reply, “I was looking at an airplane up ahead.”

Ashamed because of my face.

The sad truth is, our faces can either make us or break us.
Mine is breaking me.

Where do you stand?
Do you feel the same way I do?

Deep down I think I’m pretty, but that’s not what other people think.
The popular ones.

They are popular because of their face.
I am not because of my face.


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