Molly, Age 12, Tigard, OR

People have said
that without friends,
you can't live

That's not true, and shall never be
Do I have friends?
Have I lost friends?
But I am still here

Friends are that
happy, warm, stuffed dog
that you've had for your whole life
you love it to death, and if
you loose it, you'll be crushed
but you will still live

All that sadness and sorrow
is dumped on your friends
they absorb it like a sponge
and give out advice

They trust us, love us, care about us
and if we lost them,
we'd be sad, worried, scared

But don't think
that if you have no true friends
you will die
because you won't
Friends are like teddy bears
in life, nice to have around
But Family is like the food in
life - you need it.

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