Giving for Christmas
Emily, Age 14, Fort Wayne, IN

A young boy stood in the snow
His little feet buried deep
In his bright red goulashes
When above the snow continued to fill the street

The young boy saw a little girl
She was standing all alone
He tapped upon his mother but
She shushed him, for she was on the phone

He looked at the girl’s clothing
Nothing more than a few precious rags
He looked again at his mother
And at the gifts around his feet, numerous shopping bags

He looked at her once more
Than decided what to do
He grabbed up a few of the bags
And the girl he trotted to

She smiled sheepishly
As he handed her the bags
“Here you go, miss
I hope they fit.
May you have a merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.
And to all the world,
May there be much cheer.”

The girl nodded,
Not uttering a sound
As the little boy walked back
Across the middle of town.

She then got up the courage to say
“Thank you, thank you, Sir
For all you have given me.
I greatly appreciate it.
May you have a blessed Christmas day.”

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