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Jean Little. If I Die Before I Wake
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-439-98837-7  246 pg.
Reviewed by Michelle, Age 11

My bones were right. Fanny is here. She is alive but terribly ill. She got brought home from Aunt Jessicaís a week or so ago because their son George caught the Flu and was sent home from university. We donít know how he is today. But Fanny got feverish a few days after she arrived home.

This is Fiona Macgregorís diary, a 12-year-old girl who lived in Toronto, Ontario, during 1918/1919 when the Spanish Flu hit. There was War and life was miserable.  She tells you all about her life and her thirteenth year. Itís emotional, both happy and sad all at the same time. Fiona writes as if she has a daughter, writing to her in this diary, hoping to have a daughter to share her events with. At first her diary was unwanted, later Fiona told it everything; just like you would tell a best friend everything in the world. Fiona explains and tells you all about her life as a young girl and how nervous and worried and sad she was.

I really enjoyed the book If I Die Before I Wake and I didnít want to put it down. While I was reading I thought about how lucky I am. I learned a lot from this historical fiction book.

I would give this emotional story about a girl my age five stars.


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