John Paul
Alexis, Age 12, Easton, CT

Being a teenager can stink and really rock at the same time. Never  knowing what it would be like to go on a date or exchange kisses with someone is the part that sucks. Now, the great part is obviously the total opposite of what sucks. I have the great life, no doubt. I mean, I’m the most popular girl in the whole school. I think that  I dated almost every guy there is already. However, my dating extravaganza ended when I met this new guy, John Paul. His beautiful, sea blue eyes were like staring into the kingdom of heaven. I asked him out and he said yes. After the date, he walked me home.  When we reached my house door, he leaned over with his gorgeous eyes gazing into mine. He gave the softest kiss on my forehead. I felt like I was going to faint. He was so dreamy! I didn’t want to enter the door and kill myself over what it would have been like if he kissed me again. No, I wanted to stay with him. I knew it wasn’t possible, but it was so tempting.

When I went to school the next day, John Paul and I were waving at each other constantly. “Was he into me?” I asked myself. Well, I do hope so. I’m literally falling head over heels because of him. I’m seriously losing control! But, we’re so perfect for each other.

I’m at my locker and my friends, Tatiana and Maya come around the corner and start chit-chatting with me like they always do. I grabbed my books and binder and gently closed my locker.

“So, how was your date?” Maya questioned.

“It was so awesome. He’s the hottest guy ever,” I replied.

“Really?” said Tatiana.

“Yeah,” I said.

So our conversation went on. Suddenly you know who walks by and gives me a hug. I wanted to stay in that position with his manly arms locked around me. But, unfortunately the school bell rang and I had to go to class. As soon as class was over, John Paul was waiting for me at the door. He asked me to go on a second date! I was so excited that I said yes before I remembered that Friday night was the slumber party at Tatiana’s house! I didn’t think twice and before I could get  John Paul’s attention, he was gone through thin air. I had to call him on his cell. Wait, I can’t! I’m still in school! But, I had to. I quickly reached into my new low-rise jeans and pulled out my flashy, pink razor phone. I dialed his number (he was speed dial #1), and he picked up. “Oh, thank goodness you answered your phone,” I panicked.

“Why are you calling me?”

“I needed to tell you that I can’t go out with you on Friday because it’s my friend’s slumber party. Sorry,” I said finishing what I had to say.

“It’s okay. How about Saturday night,” he offered.

“Absolutely. Thank you so much,” I replied thankfully.

“No problem,” he answered.

I put the phone back in my pocket before anyone saw it. Luckily, nobody did.

“Shoot,” I said. I needed to get to science class in less than a minute. How was I supposed to run all the way across the school in less than a minute? Somehow, I managed. After the chemical mixing in science, I had to run back to my locker to get my  folder for social studies. We learned about South America and their cultures. I ended up  having “Chile” in my head after lunch was served with Chile beans. Whatever, that’s life.

You get songs in your head, you get memories in your head, and getting a country’s name  in your head is no different. After lunch, I had gym and then I was done with school,  finally. So in gym, we played a volleyball game and I dominated. It’s not my fault that  I’m a tremendous athlete, is it? Anyway, as soon as I spiked the last ball into the opponents’ side, the bell rang and I could go home and take a nice, hot shower. I was so ready for it. When I hopped in the shower, my sensitive skin felt like it was being massaged.  That’s when I decided that I needed some “me” time to relieve all of my stress. The first   thing besides a shower that gets me relaxed is doing my nails. I went straight to it.

“Zzzzzzzzzzz, good morning everyone,” said my alarm clock. It was six in the morning and like every other day, I had to get ready for school. I hated it, I hated it, I  hated it. Why couldn’t it be the weekend? The bus was right around the corner, so I  didn’t have time to think about what I wish for. I put on my beautiful jeans from Abercrombie and the layered shirt that I bought a couple weeks ago from Hollister.  Lastly, I had to accessorize with my fabulous Gucci sunglasses.

When I got to school, everything was the usual. And there he was. My true love. I couldn’t stop looking at him until I walked right into a locker. “Ouch, that hurt,” I squealed. Then the coolest thing happened. My babe was right there to help me up and give me an ice pack. I think I’ll call him my guardian angel rather than my babe. I mean, it matches perfectly.

“Thanks,” I said.

“No problem. I saw you fall when you hit the locker so I got you an ice pack,” he explained. School went by fast. First it was math and then before you know it, it was the last period of the day. I got on my bus(#7) and went home. I had the craziest bus. Everyone was always throwing things around and cussing at each other. When I got home, I was happy that I didn’t get a thriving headache from all the chaos created on the bus. Thank goodness! I stopped in the driveway. “This house gets prettier and prettier everyday,” I said to myself. I lived on 27 Newman Drive, in a cozy colonial home with thousands of  windows. I threw my backpack across the room, onto my bed. I logged in AIM. My screen name is so awesome. Online, I am known as 2HoT4u. As soon as I was in, I saw that  John Paul was on, too. His name was Loverboy20. We talked and talked until I glanced at my clock and realized that it was six. Already! I still have to do all my homework before  I have to eat dinner.

             <2HoT4u> Sorry Johnny, I got 2 go.
             <Loverboy20> That’s ok. I’ll c u tomorrow.
             <2HoT4u> bye. xoxoxoxo.
             <Loverboy20> Bye.
             <2HoT4u> has signed off at 6:06 pm

I ran to my backpack and pulled out my agenda. I had math, Spanish, and reading  homework. I rummaged around my room trying to find my math textbook. Surprisingly, I  found it under my bed. I opened it up to page 135 and completed all the problems that   were assigned. I was breezing through my homework. I took out my Spanish note book and started writing five sentences about my family. “Done,” I said with relief. “All I have to do now is my reading homework. I got out my novel, Someone Like You, and started  reading. Half an hour flew by but I was into the book so I read for another fifteen minutes  or so.

It was Friday, and it was also Tatiana’s slumber party. Seven o’clock struck and it  was go, go, go time to get to Tatiana’s house for the party. When I got there, popcorn and  candy were piled high inside of plastic bowls in her room. All the girls were doing each others hair and nails. I passed on the nails since I did my own a few days ago. However, I  let someone do my hair, and that was Maya. After we finished beautifying ourselves, we asked Tatiana’s mom, if she could order the pizza and possibly rent a movie for us to  watch.

After we ate, we popped the movie into the DVD player and watched it. When the movie was over, it was obviously time to go to sleep because the clock signaled one in the morning. I fell asleep as soon as possible because tomorrow was my date with the fresh and handsome John Paul. And what girl would want to go on a date with the cutest boy when she has bags under her eyes. That’s why I decided to get my beauty rest as soon as the movie was over. When I woke up, I smelled fresh bagels along with eggs and bacon. When I looked around, everyone was gone. So, I trotted my way downstairs and saw that everyone was giggling and eating breakfast. I got my share of food with a glass of OJ and then noticed that it was ten-thirty and my mom would be picking me up at any second.

My mom was driving as slow as a turtle.  I needed to get home and clean up for my night out. I got into the bathtub and scrubbed myself squeaky clean. I then struggled to find the perfect outfit and I did, just in time. I put on my favorite sweater with my so low pants and waited on the couch for him. I decided to turn on the TV. Maybe that way, time would go faster.

He wasn’t coming. I could tell. He was an hour late and no guy would be that long. I was so upset that I didn’t even want to eat dinner. I ate an apple instead and  almost immediately got to bed. I was uncomfortable lying down, that I sprang up and got  onto AIM. I started to talk to Maya.

             <MAmamaYA> I think he stood u up.
             <2HoT4u> I don’t think so Maya.
             <MAmamaYA> Why not?

As horrible as it was, I think Maya was actually right.

On Monday, I asked John Paul what happened on Saturday night. And guess what  he said? He said we were over! I never want to talk to him again. I guess perfect looking people are never perfect.

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