Sarah's Stars

Eva Wiseman. Kanada
Tundra Books  $12.99  ISBN 0-88776-729-X  247 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 13

My heart pounded an erratic tippety-tap, tippety-tap at the sight of dozens of policemen with drawn rifles who quickly surrounded the subdued crowd of five thousand Jewish women, children, and a few old men.

Eva Wiseman, in my opinion, has created a masterpiece. The writing is so good; you’ll never want the book to end. Wiseman is also the author of My Canary Yellow Star and No One Must Know. If you enjoyed Kanada, I definitely recommend that you check her other titles out.

Kanada is a story about the Holocaust, so you have to be prepared to read about some disturbing and upsetting situations and events. I would definitely recommend this book to prepared readers ages 13 and up.

This story is mainly about Jutka, a 14-year old Jewish girl.  Shortly before Jutka, her mother and grandmother are banished from not only their home but also their homeland and sent to a concentration camp in Poland, she receives a book about Canada from a relative. For her this book gives her hope and a dream to strive toward while she endures life at the camp. Unlike most, she makes it through the war. However, she is faced with the decision of whether to follow her dream of immigrating to Canada or staying in Europe, where Jews are being promised that they can live freely once more. What will she choose? Either way it will hurt.

Kanada deserves 5 golden stars.


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