My First Litter of Kittens
Nick, Age 10, Portland, OR

In the year 2001 a cat had a litter of kittens on my back porch. I yelled "Crystal, we have a litter of kittens on our porch!" They meowed like crazy it was non stop. Crystal said they were so cute and adorable.

So we took care of them. There were only three. They were brown, black, white and cute. They were so crazy though. One's meow sounded like a bark. They are only six years old now. We have two more cats living with us that were donated. There are twenty three cats living in my backyard all together. We need to pay rent and buy food for the cats and dog.

We're about to lose the house. The cats are glad they have an owner. I have been through a lot with cats in my life.  I had so much fun in my years of taking care of cats.  The experience paid off,  for once in my life I'm so glad.

I have so many cats  but my first litter still was fun to me while it lasted. I know that was fun.

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