If Only They Would Listen
Haley, Age 12, Beaverton, OR

So many adults assume
that we kids have no say.

We have voices but they just look
at the statistic kids
all hopeless and sad, wanting love
and giving
the wrong message
They throw us aside

The adults, many I know,
don't give me a chance to
I know what's really going on in this crazy
thing we call our world.
If only they would listen

Just because it's not what they
think, they shun me
Don't even begin to embrace
They don't understand
That I can think and I have
thoughts much unlike any I've
heard them say.

I am a child,
the most glorious thing you can be
I am
I don't have too many hardships to
shape me
I am forever changing
That's all I do

But one thing will remain the same
I am an old soul...
I have lived many lives
I am as wise as you
And I know this

I am different, I am not
a stupid kid, a kid who never questions
what adults say, I believe that debate is
your best defense
I have a voice, a loud one, a strong one
I will speak my mind
and defend it with my heart.

Let me speak.

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