Look at Him
Denise, Age 12, Easton, CT

His gorgeous blue eyes are shimmering,
reflecting onto the thick glass of the picture frame that hangs above the chair.
He sits with his hand on his head,
with his brown and black Etnies tapping the ground,
His baggy Abercrombie jeans,
Exposing his red, plaid boxers.
His blue Ralph Lauren polo, with the collar popped,
Under the thick dark brown Hollister jacket.

As it is unclear to me,
I believe he is staring at the magazines stacked behind my head.
His blue eyes look like an ocean; deep and mesmerizing,
And I am unable to take my eyes of him.

It feels as if time is passing by so very quickly,
As I am trying to determine exactly what he is staring at.
Itís like a game of hide and seek; I am unable to see that,
But I continue staring, until his eyes meet mine.
The way his headís tilted down,
He could be examining his fingernails,
But I think heís examining me.

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