Payton, Age 10, Marionville, MO

As my love lasts forever
No matter the dreary day,
I'll always come home to say,

I love you, while the wind blows strong,
Every melody I sing along.
Why I love you I've never known,

I love you more than the wind has blown,
Even on the darkest of days,
You are by my side in so many ways.

Until that day came,
When I said "Would you be mine?"
You turned me down,
I did a frown,
I felt like I was soaked in brine.

Oh, alas I forever more love you,
More than the stars above,
Your looks, your brain, your brawn,

It fits me like a glove.
No matter how it turns,
I love more than food from Tex,

My sweet, my honey, my greatest love.

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