My Magical Penny
Estera, Age 9, Portland, OR

Did you ever find a magical penny? I did, this is my adventure. I was shocked when I found out what it did.

I woke up and crawled over to my toy box. I peeked inside suddenly there was a mysterious glow. I looked away. I glanced at my toy box again. I saw a frightening penny. All of a sudden the penny stood up and Abraham Lincoln stepped out. I was startled. He had a tall hat. He looked around. I could tell he was alarmed.

I walked toward him. He went up to me and shook my hand. His hand felt as good as a silky scarf. He looked at me. In a flash he was standing by the window. He was looking at the green grass. I trudged myself to him.  I knew he wanted to go back to the magical penny. I had to find a way to help him.

I went outside with Abraham Lincoln. I took the penny, too. We raced to the park. I glared at his sky blue eyes. He took something out of his pocket. It was an emerald crystal. I took it from his hand. The crystal was as shiny as a diamond. I walked to the fountain and threw the crystal into the murky water. Abraham Lincoln took the penny from my pocket and jumped into the shiny penny. From that day on I never saw Abraham Lincoln again.

Have you ever wish for a magical penny? I have, I learned a valuable lesson. I will never wish for a magical penny again.

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