The Medieval Mad-Dog, and the Quest of the Fellow List
Julie, Age 13, Easton, CT

The Discourager of Hesitancy, now known as Seth was sitting home one fine day, waiting for his laptop, the new model of the iBarbaric, to start up. A few moments later, a warning message popped up on the screen and read:
             Click here to create a new one.

“OH NO!” Seth screamed. “My buddy list was saved on my other screen name! Now, I will never find my old list of fellows!” After Seth finished his temper tantrum, he decided to click and create a new screen name.

After pondering over many ideas for a new screen name, the perfect title finally came to Seth. It would be the same name he was called in high school when he played sword-ball, MEDIEVAL MAD-DOG! Now that he had thought of a new screen name, he still didn’t have his old fellow list. He had no choice but to go on a quest to find his old list of fellows.

Before leaving for his long journey, Seth packed a bag containing a Ziploc of Medieval Crunch, and a lantern, in case he had to find his way through the village after night fell. He then slipped his iBarbaric laptop computer into his knap sack and said good- bye to his wife, Juana. She gave him her screen name, which was JUANA im me?, so Seth jotted it down on his empty list of fellows. Before starting his big adventure, he kissed his new born baby girl, Fergie, good-bye. Her screen name was FERGIElicious, wrote it down quickly on his list now containing two fellows, and headed for the royal castle. His goal was to leave the royal palace quickly, with the Queen’s, King’s and jester’s screen names.

After going through a ridiculous amount of security, Seth greeted the beautiful queen with a radiant smile. She wore a gorgeous ruby and gold tiara on top of the neatly styled bun at the back of her head. She was covered from head to toe with jewelry, bracelets, bangles, and rings galore. A Christian Dior gown hugged her fragile body beautifully. After making small talk with the queen, Seth finally spoke and said, “You see, Queen Natalia, my old screen name got deleted, and my whole fellow list was deleted with it. I was wondering if I could have your screen name again.” Seth waited for a reply, hoping she could solve his predicament.

The queen pursed her lips and answered, “You only want my screen name? I have a whole list of them I could give to you!  But before I do, let me tell you a little story.” Seth nodded his head in agreement; relieved his “quest” would be drastically shortened. “About a week ago, I was out shopping with my best friends, Emma, the queen of Jinovia, and Pilar, the queen of Tahiti. We walked into the DRY couture outlet, and I quickly saw many gowns I desired. One was light pink with beads at the empire waist. Another was beige, with a long and flowing mermaid bottom that hung off my knees beautifully when I tried it on. The last one was a long, bright red dress with a black belt at the empire waist. After I had seen the beige and the red dress, I no longer liked the pink one. So, I will give you my fellow list only if you tell me which dress I chose to purchase, the red, or the beige?”

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