Ode to Writing
Arianna, Age 14, Milwaukie, OR

A gateway to another world,
you are perfection to my soul.
You are the visions that dance in my dreams
And the piece of my soul
That truly sets my mind free.

I can practically taste the words
At the tip of my tongue
As I bring the sentences to life.
You're unique passion, an unspoken desire
That quenches my thirst for eternal beauty.

I reach out, grasping my dreams
And feed them to the hungry mouth
Of the blank book.
I watch with an accomplished grin
As the story awakens from a dormant slumber.

I can hear the many voices
Of an unraveling adventure,
As I enter my mind again and again.
I can never feel so alive
When I'm here with you.

My heart blazes with passion
As I enter your arms
And breathe in our success.
You make me complete and when I'm here with you,
I can truly rest in peace.

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