Odie and Wendy's Adventure
Samantha, Age 9, Tappen, BC

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Odessa. Everyone called her Odie. Odie loved adventures. Every year she and her cousin would go on an adventure when the family would come for a family reunion. But this year Odie and her family were going to Terrace because that was where her grandmother had just died. While Odie was lying in her bed on the first night in Terrace she heard a knock on the wall. It knocked once, then twice, then once again. When Odie's cousin would come and sleep at her house they made little sounds to communicate since Odie's mom didn't want them to talk. In this case Odie's cousin was saying "Come over here." Odie knocked on the wall four times which meant "I'll be right there."

Odie crawled out of her bed and tiptoed to the bedroom beside her. Odie sat down on her cousin's bed (her cousin's name was Wendy). "I found a secret door," whispered Wendy. "Let's check it out," said Odie. The girls crept into the living room and headed toward the stairs. Wendy led the way.

Odie passed the Kitchen to the spare bedroom where nobody was sleeping. They crawled under the bed. Wendy pulled a flashlight out of her pocket and shined it around until she saw a handle. Odie opened the door in the ground and Wendy and Odie went in. After they closed the door Odie found a light switch.

The room was very bright it had lights all over the ceiling. "Look at this," said Odie. In her hands was a gold box with a picture of a king engraved on it. "Look," said Wendy. She was pointing to a trail of black dust that led to a door with the same king engraved on it. Behind the door were steep steps that led to a brick fort. Wendy found a light switch in the fort. Sitting at a gold table was the gold king that was engraved on the gold box that Odie held in her hand. "Cool," said Wendy.

"We should leave this king in peace," said Odie as she headed to the door. "You're right," said Wendy. While going out the door Odie tripped and the box flew out of her hands. The box flew open and inside were little gold beads. Odie took a bead and handed it to Wendy. Wendy did the same except she handed it to Odie.

The girls put the box back and put their gold beads in their pockets. "Let's go," said Odie. The girls climbed the stairs and then climbed the stairs that led to the trap door in the ground. Odie and Wendy scurried back to their beds. "Good Bye," said Odie the next day as she (her parents were driving the car) drove out away from Wendy's house.

"See you next year!" yelled Wendy.

Next year they had an even more exciting adventure when Odie and Wendy went to their great-uncle's mansion.

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