Sarah's Stars

Eric Wilson. Red River Ransom
HarperCollins  $12.99  ISBN 978-0-00-639565-2  138 pg.
Reviewed by Colleen, Age 10

On Tom Austenís latest adventure, he meets a famous movie star named Johnny Lombardo. As Tom is just beginning to become good friends with Johnny, Tom finds out that someone is trying to kidnap Johnny.  During this mystery, Tom finds many suspects and realizes that he is also the one in danger. In Tomís dangerous mystery, will he be able to save Johnny before it is too late?

Red River Ransom is a great novel. It was a very sneaky book and the suspects that I thought were the antagonists, werenít. In Eric Wilsonís book, he mixes a combination of humor and mystery. However, I thought Johnny should have been kidnapped more secretly. I mean, how many movie stars who have bodyguards get kidnapped? I would recommend this book to children ages 9-11, or those that love Eric Wilsonís surprising and extraordinary books.

This reviewer gives Red River Ransom four sneaky stars


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