The Runner
Rebecca, Age 9, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All I needed was to win this race! I've got to win it! was all I thought as my friend ran ahead of me. Madeline had challenged me to a race and even though I knew that she is the fastest girl in fourth grade, I accepted her challenge.

My best friend Catherine was the person who would say, 'On your mark, get set. Go!' I shot off and I was just behind Madeline when I realized that half of the people on the field were watching us. I could hardly believe it! Suddenly, the urge to win was greater than ever. My friends say that I am a fast runner and I usually don't care much when I lost a race, but I felt that I absolutely needed to win this race!

I surged ahead of Madeline and soon got tired but I knew that if I won this race, kids in my school would be talking about me for about a month! I knew that the finish line was just ahead, but suddenly, I tripped! Madeline passed me, but I just kicked off my shoes and started to run again. I soon passed Madeline again and won! When Madeline came up behind me, we both lay down in the soft grass. After I caught my breath, I went back to retrieve my shoes. For over the next month, kids were talking about 'The Runner', me!

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