Sarah's Stars

James Heneghan. Safe House
Orca Book Publishers  $8.95  ISBN 978-1-55143-640-1  151 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 13

There were two of them.The big one reached up and pulled off his balaclava mask.The boy could see the manís red face and neck soaked with sweat, and his dark hair pointing up in damp spikes. There was a mole on his right cheek the size and color of an old Irish penny, large and brown. He even had a face like a mole, with a long nose and receding chin.

The year is 1999 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Protestants argue over whether the Catholics should be allowed to live in the same country as them. Then one night Liam Fogartyís parents are murdered and he just barely escapes with his life. He flees to a friendís house but is found there, too. After going to the police he is brought to a Ďsafe houseí. But even under the watchful eyes of the police he isnít safe.

Safe House is an awesome book filled with thrills and adventure. Itís very suspenseful, and for me, was almost impossible to put down. I would recommend it to readers above the age of 13 because it is a little violent at some points.

This reviewer gives Safe House 5 thrilling stars.


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