A Special Friend
Caitlin, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

To me, she was perfect.
Rich, gorgeous, best dressed, best hair,
best gymnast on our team.

Last year we did a routine together.
We were so close.
Middle school changed that.
New friends, no room for me.

Did she feels pressured?
Did she think I was nerdy?

I say the simplest thing.
She looks at me as if Im an idiot,
as if Id said the world was going to blow up.

She walks away with her cool friends.
Im left standing alone.

We go to gymnastics.
She talks to me there.
So what Im good enough for you
when were here and not good enough
when were at school?" I want to scream.

I watch her perform her solo piece.
Its sickening to watch its so PERFECT.

Will I ever be good enough for her?
Am I good enough for me?
She no longer considers me a special friend.

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