Sarah's Stars

Shelley Peterson. Sundancer
Key Porter Books  $12.95  ISBN 978-1-55263-842-2  312 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 13

In the paddock directly opposite Hannahís window, Bird was sitting astride the new horse. Bareback.

As she watched, the big chestnut exploded. He reared up and twisted. Hannah gasped as Bird crumpled into a heap in the dirtÖ

Shelley Peterson has written a fantastic book.  Her writing style is very descriptive and powerful; you are pulled right into pages every time you open the book.  I would recommend this to readers aged 12 and up.

The author has written a book that shows two different perspectives that you donít normally encounter when reading a book.  One is the view of a 13-year-old girl, Bird, who hasnít spoken since she was six and has the unusual talent of communicating with animals.  The other is the view of, Sundancer, a horse who has been labeled dangerous and untrainable.  His previous owner went as far as to call the vet to put him down, but the vet saw something in Sundancer and, with the ownerís permission, took him to a friend, who just happened to be Birdís Aunt Hannah.  Both horse and girl have had rough lives; Birdís mother left her with her Aunt Hannah when she was a baby and has practically disowned her, and as a foal Sundancer was mistreated and neglected.   Things take a turn for the worse when they enter a riding competition and the previous owner tries to take Sundancer. Will they be successful in taking back the horse that used to be theirs, or is it now rightfully someone elseís?

Sundancer deserves 5 brilliantly shining stars.


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